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Bitumen Packing Services

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All those who are looking for a dependable name providing bitumen-packing services, can get in touch with us. At PetroArio, ours is a team of professionals and packaging experts, who are entrusted to pack bitumen in premium packaging and as per clients’ functional requirements. With our help, you can also label them as per you needs. We are based in Tehran, Iran and can be approached anytime for further discussion.

Packaging Details :

  • Drums : Corrugated newly produced cold rolled steel drums with anti-rust black painted.
    The steel drums  are generated in standard sizes and dimensions as follows:
    Steel plate thickness : 0.6 mm  |   Drum diameter: 50 ± 3 cm  |  Drum height: 98 ± 3 cm |  Drum weight: 9/6 ± 0/2 kg  |  Net weight Bitumen per each Drum: 180 ± 3 kg  |  Weight of Drum and bitumen: 190 ± 3 kg
  • Bitubags : Flexible bitubags consists of two internal and external layers, with capacity of 1000-1200 kg. bitubags are fitted into standard containers and transferred easily by ship or truck.

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